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The Association of Connecticut is a made up of volunteers from our member fairs. We are managed and operated by a slate of officers and a board of director's. The following officers were elected at the annual meeting held in November of last year.


2011 - Officers 

 President:  Tom Zagurski

 1st Vice President:  Bruce Richard

 2nd Vice President: James Lamoureux

 Recording Secretary: Bonnie Leroux

 Corresponding Secretary:  Lisa Lamoureux  

 Treasurer:  Philip Bergquist

 Assistant Treasurer:  Joan Buvarsky   


Directors at Large 

 Bob Leroux  

 Thomas Dennis 

 Annette Hamilton 

 Jody Whipple 

 Timothy Comstock 

 Sandy Eggers


Directors - Major Fairs 

 Len Baginski 

 Rosemarie Naples 

 Leonard Johnson 

 Nancy Maturo  

 Janice Steinmetz 

 Richard LaTaille  


Directors - District Fairs 

 Ted Powell III 

 Gordon Gibson 

 Gloria Gableman 


Directors - Local Fairs 

 Frank Kohanski 

 Charles Dimmick 

 Jean Meehan 


Directors - 4H Fairs 

 Kathy Naples 

 Matt Pohl  

 Susan Pettengill 

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